The Mountain Bike Trails at Lake Garda Print

So what are the trails around Lake Garda like?

The trails around Lake Garda are challenging but just amazing. There is no where else in the world that offers the same varity of trails. Typically the trails just around the lake are rocky with sandy gravel but just around the corner are text book alipne trails with loamy soil, leaves and roots. We have put together a ride guide to give you a better idea of trails.

The Snake

This route is one of the lesser know routes around Lake Garda. We think its the best loop in the area with natural trails and some great sights along the way. more>>>


Lago di Ledro

The lesser know and lesser visited lake beside Lake Garda. Starting and finishing in Riva Del Garda this is a must do spin for anyone visiting the area. more>>>


Riva - Arco - Dro

A great family bike ride taking in all the must see sights at Lake Garda. This route is mainly based on cycle paths and some leisurely mountain bike trails. more>>>



One for the 'techie' biker who likes to be challanged. After the opening climb the route takes us around the popular Mt Velo on one of the more technical trails at Lake Garda. more>>>


Passa Nota

An epic ride on the western side of Lake Garda. There is a great climb at the start but the descent makes it all worth while, not to metion the spectacular views. more>>>


Mt Altissimo

In Italian Mt Altisimo litterally means the highest mountain! There are some stunning trails up there, including the infamous 601. more>>>